Nadia Afreen Mim Lux Channel I Super Star 2014 Winner Latest Photos at Grand Finale

Imagination paints her beauty ran ate and the public must take place in the top 18 of sweet girl Nadia Afreen Mim. Sign mixed form presented itself to her goal. She is renowned in Bangladesh want to be an famous actress. Lux Channel I Superstar 8th season of 2014 showed glimpse of her best form of the crown of beauty Nadia Afreen Mim. It was smiles victoriously. Saturday night at the Grand Finale top five Nadia Afreen Mim with another four participants Nazifa Anjum, Neelanjona Neela, Supriya Shabnam and Fahmida Tasnim Prema won the crown of huge confidence. Nadia received the award this year as the 'Face of Lux' of the crown. She was also given a brand new car with prize money 10 lakh taka. The first and second runner-up given to five lakh and three lakhs. Besides, there are many gifts for them, and the telefilm drama acting selectively archive feeds to channels. Actress and model Munmun present at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in the evening of this year's competition grand finale outskirts of the city began. Aly Zaker, Tahsan Khan and Api Karin served as judges arrived.
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