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The Big Bang Theory is an American situation comedy created by chuck lorre and Bill prady.The show is centered mainly on five characters Sheldon Cooper (The physicist ) , Leonard Hofstadter (physicist ), Penny (Blonde waitress) , Howard Wolowitz ( engineer), Rajesh koothrappali (astrophysicist).Penny is the main female character played by Kaley Cuoco.She is the neighbour of Leonard and Sheldon across the hallway. Penny is waitress at the local cheesecake factory and have aspiration of becoming an actress. Kaley Cuoco,5'7'' born on 30th November 1985 in Camarillo, California, USA to Gary Carmine Cuoco and Layne Ann Wingate has a younger sister Briana Cuoco. Her father Gary is a Realtor and her mom Layne is a homemaker.Her birth name is Kaley Christine Cuoco.
Kaley started acting at the age of six and made her first acting role in movie "Quicksand: No Escape"(1992) with Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson. After getting minor roles in movies like "Picture Perfect"(1997) was casted as actress in the biopic"Growing Up Brady"(2000). She also acted in movies like "The Hollow"(2004);"To Be Fat Like Me"(2007);"Cougar Club"(2007); "Killer Movie"(2008);"Hop" (2011);"The Last Ride" (2011). The list goes on and on but her acting skills in Big Bang theory has earned her a lot of credits and we really admire her beauty and acting skills.

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